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We are strategic thinkers with deep analytics experience.

We partner with companies to enable their business strategy through cutting-edge, modern analytic solutions such as predictive analytics, econometric modeling, and artificial intelligence.



business Strategy+

We provide strategy & business consulting to help solve our client’s “top of the mind” business issues.

We specialize in pricing strategy, econometric modeling, competitive analysis, and channel strategy. We use rigorous, fact-based methods to systematically dissect the problem and offer concrete actionable recommendations.

Our modern analytics capabilities enable better decision making. We help transform your business, whether small or big, to achieve superior results. We will stay with the client till the intended outcome is achieved.

AI/ML deep analytics+

We help address our client’s business problems using a variety of analytical techniques such as artificial intelligence and econometrics to uncover hidden areas of opportunities. We tailor the solutions to align with client’s business model and strategy. 

Whether it is pricing or customer segmentation or internal cost structure we can help formulate a strategy using deep analytics. Some of the areas of deep analytics we specialize include deep learning using neural networks (NLP, computer vision etc.), and statistical techniques such as regression, classification, decision trees.


We help manage our client’s business performance with operational BI analytics & reporting.  

We propose and develop scrorecard KPIs/Metrics, set targets, track performance using self-serve and managed dashboard reporting, and help devise action plans to improve performance. KPIs are designed and measured in alignment with the overall business strategy.

FINANCial strategy+

We are experts in financial strategy & management. Whether it is tactical short-term or strategic long-term we will work with our clients to create a sound financial strategy & plan.  

We cover a lot of ground in strategic financial management including revenue strategy & planning, cost structure analysis, budgeting, sales quota & incentive plans, and finance BI analytics & reporting.


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Suresh has over 25 years of experience in the information technology and healthcare industries. He served in various capacities in the areas of business strategy & planning, artificial intelligence and IT/software engineering, and was involved in several multi-billion dollar business transformation initiatives at Microsoft. He holds an MBA from Cornell University. He wrote his MS thesis in automatic speech recognition systems back in 1995. While in undergraduate engineering, he received the National Technology Award from the President of India for creating an innovative electronic device to aid the hearing handicapped people.

He is an ardent enthusiast for AI/ML/Deep Learning applications in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision and Autonomous/Robotic Systems.


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